The OpenSpec™—DTM is the ultimate keypiece for your car & offers complete compatibility with vehicles built before the model-year 2000. Inspired by the boxy era of Bavarian nature, this reference points to the glorious box fenders, bauhaus grill patterns, & wedge shaped silhouettes reminiscent of German cars from the 80s.  



Works with all cars built before the year 2000. 

Specific vehicle info collected at checkout.


Perpetua Stainless Steel™ 

Zero-RT Titanium™
CNC Machined to Swiss Standards
PVD — Physical Vapor Deposit 

DLC — Diamond Like Carbon


Era—DTM Grip

Era—Key Core
Keypiece Preservation Capsule
Polishing Cloth


Designed in California, USA

Precision-built in Germany

Competitive Change

Design Story

It all starts with the infamous box fender. A quintessentially German shape stemming from the right blend of ego and bravery. Claus Luthe led design at BMW during a time when the Mercedes W126 ruled. The challenge to rejuvenate the ultimate driving machine resulted in the E30 series.

With its iconic wedge shape, angular graphics, and chiseled form, Luthe himself felt the design could be too radical for the time. With board-approval, the design kicked off an aesthetic that would become an archetype of the 80s. The E30 M3, meant only to be a 5000 unit homologation for Group A DTM racing only served to exaggerated the form. The aesthetic was so successful that you could say the Mercedes 190E Cosworth followed suit with a slightly different flavor, of course. 

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Additional Services