Compatibility & Functionality

This depends on the collection you’re interested in:

Our Legends Collection are keypieces that are specifically made per vehicle. For instance, our Legends 911 keypiece will only work with Porsche 911s between 1970-1998. In contrast, our Legends GTR keypiece has several compatible applications so we advise taking a look at the product pages on our website or reaching out to our Concierge [concierge@formawerx.com]

should you have more questions. 

Our OpenSpec™ Collection keypieces are individually built to work with most cars before the year 2000. Select the design and finish you’d prefer and during the check out process we will gather information on your specific vehicle.

As of now they will not. Most vehicles from the mid 1990s model year and newer have a transponder chip within the key. It’s basically an electronic device that works in tandem with your physical key to start your vehicle & help protect it against theft. 

We are working on offering transponder keypieces in the near future so should you have interest for your vehicle, give our Concierge team a shout via email [Concierge@formawerx.com].We’d be glad to inform you when they release! 

Our OpenSpec™ Collection will work with cars built before the year 2000. Select the design and finish you’d prefer and during the check out process we will gather information on your specific vehicle. Your keypiece is made to order and will work flawlessly with your car. 

Should you desire a keypiece for a modern vehicle [model year newer than 2000] or true vintage vehicle [pre 1960] please email our Concierge team at [concierge@formawerx.com] and we’d be happy to discuss possibilities with you. 

Here you have several options:

We can duplicate the key for you. Just add the service, which can be found here, along with your keypiece order.

Your first option will be the physical method where you’d send your original key directly to our studio. Our Concierge Team would be in contact with you after placing an order to provide shipping details to have your original key safely delivered to our studio.

Your second option will be via the manufacturer’s code method. In many cases the original owner’s manual contains paperwork with an original ‘key code.’ We can use this to decipher and duplicate your key to original OEM specifications without the need to send your original key in. 

The last and final option will be to take both your original key and a Formawerx keypiece to any reputable local automotive locksmith & they will be able to duplicate or cut the key. The process is simple and easy, taking less than 2 minutes to complete. 

Please be sure to add our duplication services prior to check-out and we will be able to complete a fully functional keypiece for you. Our Concierge Team will follow up with you to ensure a seamless experience should you select this option.

Our keypieces are made to an exquisite standard and your local locksmith may be hesitant to cut the key in fear of damaging the key or his/her own equipment. Rest assured, our keypieces are made to a European OEM standard, and all automotive locksmiths will have experience cutting a European-Style OEM Steel Key. This may need to be communicated in some cases to persuade a less experienced locksmith to duplicate the key.

Though it’s not common, should you continue to have issues with your local locksmith, please reach out to our Concierge team [Concierge@formawerx.com] and we’d be happy to assist. 

General FAQs

Please take a quick look at our Purchase Process as it clearly outlines how to purchase a Formawerx Keypiece. 

Our keypieces are made with Perpetua Stainless Steel™, a similar material used by the fine watch industry. It’s a proprietary blend that is softer than standard steel but retains the properties of stainless [extreme corrosion resistance with a bright finish]. 

We cycle test all of our keypieces and refine the keyway geometry itself for the least amount of resistance & wear possible. Formawerx keypieces are often more precise than OEM keys while offering a similar wear rate as a standard nickel-plated brass key.

Our keys use Perpetua Stainless Steel™ meaning it has extreme corrosion resistant properties. You can expect the same level of wear as you’d see on a fine timepiece. Scratches, scuffs, and pits are inevitable with harsh use [contact with other metals & drops]. 

Our coated keys [colored keypieces that are not silver] use an industry leading physical vapor deposit / diamond-like carbon coating process [PVD/ DLC] that is much harder than any type of paint. You can find other products with these coatings such as knives, firearms, fine timepieces, drill bits, & even functional parts on the SpaceX rocket. Though not indestructible, our coated keys use the best existing technology to seal against the elements. 

From time to time we come across the discerning client that has very specific tastes, standards, or ideas. If this is you, we’re always open to working with you to make your keypiece truly special. If you don’t see anything you like on our website, go ahead and give our Concierge team an email [Concierge@formawerx.com] and we’d be happy to work with you. 

You may enter a promo or discount code during the checkout process. 

Let’s face it, we’re all car guys here at Formawerx. Sponsorship is never out of the question if you have a build we admire. Reach out to our Concierge team [Concierge@formawerx.com] with images and the story of your build and we will consider each and every request. 


If you have already duplicated your keypiece and it doesn’t function, your locksmith may have made a mistake during the duplication process. Please reach out to our Concierge team at [Concierge@formawerx.com] and we will be happy to assist. 

In most cases, especially with our OpenSpec™ Collection keypieces, we’ve designed the reference to have the optimum length for functionality and balance. Sometimes our keypieces may be slightly longer or shorter, and may even have extra notches that may look different than your original. Rest assured, that this is perfectly intentional and after duplication, your key will work flawlessly. 

In the rare case we craft an incorrect keyway or send the wrong key all together [for example, the key is completely different from the original and/or not what you ordered], we’d be happy to work with you to reach a satisfactory resolution. Please reach out to our Concierge team at [Concierge@formawerx.com]and we will be happy to assist. 

Formawerx keypieces are individually crafted in either the United States or Germany, and hand finished per order specification. It’s very rare for one of our keypieces to miss quality standards. In any case, should you feel there is a defect or even damage during shipment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Concierge team [Concierge@formawerx.com] and we will be happy to assist. 


Yes, we offer flat rate international shipping via UPS Express or DHL International [3-5 business days]. 

We offer $35 flat-rate standard shipping for all countries outside of the United States. Rush shipping is also available for $50.

Complimentary international shipping is applied for orders over $489.

Products that are in stock have a 1-3 business day production time to craft and perfect your order [with longer lead times if the order has any customizations]. After this period, domestic shipments [within the United States] will take 1-3 business days to arrive depending on the shipping courier you select during checkout. Free shipping promotions will fall within the same timeframe.

Homage Keypieces, Factory Paint Match programs, and special editions generally need 1-3 weeks of production time prior to shipment. 

US Customers: Purchases in CA will be subject to current sales tax percentages upon checkout. Purchases outside of CA will not incur sales tax. 

EU Customers: Standard VAT will be processed, dependent on your country, during checkout. 

Non-USA & Non-EU Customers: You may need to pay an import or customs duty dependent on the nation in which you reside. This figure varies between different countries.

In most situations, the reason a package is on hold is due to the shipping courier not being able to contact you via the phone number or email that was provided to us during check out. The shipping courier [UPS or DHL, etc] will reach out to schedule delivery or to obtain import/ customs duty. If you feel like you may have provided an incorrect phone number or email, please reach out via email directly to our Concierge team [concierge@formawerx.com]. 

All of our orders are quintuple packed. Formawerx keypieces sit in a custom foam insert, covered with a microfiber cloth, then housed in our proprietary Keypiece Preservation Capsule™. The capsule is wrapped in closed-cell foam & tightly fitted into a double corrugated Indestructo box. It would be very difficult for the shipping courier to actually damage the keypiece. Even still, if you are left with a damaged product please don’t hesitate to email our Concierge team [concierge@formawerx.com] and we’d be happy to work through a resolution. 


We accept returns or exchanges for any undamaged & unused items within 10 days [postmarked] of the delivery date. After 10 days all sales are final. Returns must include all original packaging. Refunds will be processed in the same form of payment originally received. Please allow up to 10 business days for your refund to process and post on your statement. 

Duplicated and custom engraved keys cannot be returned. 

All shipping, customs, and insurance costs are non-refundable and are at the expense of the client. 

We reserve the right to refuse any returned item that does not meet our return policies. 

Contact Us

The best way to reach us with any unanswered questions would be to connect with our Concierge team [concierge@formawerx.com].