Keypiece Duplication

Would you like to receive a complete Formawerx Keypiece? Add the Keypiece Duplication Service to your order and our replication team will create a flawless copy.

Choose from two methods:

Physical Duplication

Send your original key directly to our studio after the purchase of a Formawerx Keypiece. Upon receipt, our replication team will create an exact duplicate, inspect for accuracy, & ship both sets back to you. Please note that if your original key is already worn or struggling to function, duplicating against it will result in the same level of functionality.

ATTN: Replication Team
8 Mclaren, Ste H 
Irvine, CA 92618
Key Code Duplication

After your purchase, please email our team at with the following items:

— Manufacturer's key code
— Clear top-down photo of your original key
— Year, make, & model of your vehicle 



Physical Duplication

Key Code Duplication


Include a copy of your order confirmation email, or write down your order number, name, & email on a note:


Formawerx, LLC 
8 Mclaren, Ste H

Irvine, CA 92681


A small box is recommended to ensure utmost safety in transit.

An extra-sturdy/padded envelope will work too, but it is not recommended.


Physical Duplication: 1—3 business days upon receipt of the original key. 


Key Code Duplication: 2—4 business days upon receipt of the manufacturer's code. 

Additional Services

Additional Services