Legends—Heritage Defender

Built for Land Rover Defender owners looking to commemorate their special adventure vehicle with a functional keypiece that truly captures the value of your treasure.

The Legends—Heritage Defender takes our standard keypiece into the watch-making realm. Precision machined brass plates are set with Swiss screws and uniquely engraved with your personal choice of identifiers.

Color: Black
Finish: Brass Plate
Brass Plate
Black Plate
Silver Plate



1983—2017 All Land Rover Defenders

1984—1987 Land Rover Series III 

1974—1984 Austin Mini

1976—1990 Lotus Esprit 

1981—1994 Maserati BiTurbo

1976—1986 Maserati Quattroporte

1986—1994 Maserati Spyder


Perpetua Stainless Steel™ 

Precision Crafted Brass Plate — Alloy 360 

Complimentary Personalized Engravings
CNC Machined to Swiss Standards
PVD — Physical Vapor Deposit 

DLC — Diamond Like Carbon



Legends Heritage Defender Keypiece

Authenticator Placard
Keypiece Preservation Capsule
Polishing Cloth


Designed in California, USA

Crafted in USA

Utilitarian Charm

Design Story

The Land Rover Defender carries a silent badge, gleaming with authority in authenticity. Every shape and form, oozing with function, reason, and a stark magnificence in practicality, exists with pride in purpose. Naturally, distilling the essence of the icon came down to curation. 

The approach with this reference was a unique one. Akin to strategizing a new, untraveled mountaineering route, a decision was made to observe the lesser celebrated components that tacitly make a Defender, a Defender. The unique roofline balanced for interior volume, aerodynamics, & manufacturability provided inspiration for the keypiece's proportions. The charming alpine windows translate to keyring apertures. And lastly, the hard cutoff of the rear of the vehicle drives a solid & confident form.

Additional Services

Additional Services