Titanium Cordlock

Formawerx aims to modernize the classic keyring with the Titanium Cordlock. It has a remarkably simple locking mechanism that eternally protects nails, a deceptively soft military-spec paracord (1000+ lbs tensile strength) to protect your keypieces, and an iconic shape designed to complement any collection of keypieces and fobs for a long-lasting, elegant style.

Finish: Machined
Frozen Matte



Fits with all Formawerx Keypieces, standard keys, & modern fobs. 


Zero RT Titanium 

Military Spec 4mm Paracord

CNC Machined to Swiss Standards 


Titanium Cordlock 

Military Spec 4mm Paracord

Stainless Steel Ball Bearing 

Instruction Booklet


Designed in California, USA


Pesky Key Rings

Design Story

Answering the Formawerx community's persistent requests, we embarked on a journey to create the perfect key accessory – a quest that took years of experimentation. Hundreds of concepts were born, but none lived up to the brand's exacting standards. To earn our nod, a design had to surpass the original in utility, form, and manufacturability, making simplicity and strength the ultimate benchmarks.

Enter the dynamic duo behind the concept, both seasoned in designing Oakley eyewear. Their meticulous approach led to an exploration of various fastener concepts—mechanical snaps, magnets, swivels, and springs. The winning idea, surprisingly simple yet remarkably effective, emerged after much deliberation. While some flashy routes were considered, the team settled on an iconic design poised to withstand the test of time.

This Titanium Cordlock isn't just a key accessory; it's a modular marvel laying the foundation for future designs. Expect a series of innovations, each building upon this creation, as Formawerx continues to redefine the realm of swiss precision products. 

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Additional Services