Henry — 1981 Porsche 930


Owner: Max Gutbier 

Who is Henry? 
Henry is my Porsche 930 that has been rebuilt and restored. 

How did you know you you wanted to build a Porsche? 
In 2009, I had a track day at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and first laid eyes upon a white, wide-body Turbo running laps. My best friend Martin took a great photo and I ended up holding onto it, coveting it since that day. 

When & how did you acquire your car? 
In 2018, I happen to meet with Claus Kaufhold who owns The Vintage Box, a Porsche restoration company here in Germany. There was a white, wide-body Turbo being worked on, and I couldn't help but remember that one track day 10 years ago & the feeling I had seeing a 930 rip around Spa. I took a photo and sent it to my friend Martin and he tells me, "Hey, it's that car from Spa." I told him, "Yea, it looks just like it!" But he responds, "No, it's really that car! Look at the details..." This is followed by a long talk through the minutia, imperfections & modifications still on the car prior to restoration. Needless to say, I bought it on the spot. 

Can you tell me more about your Turbo? 
I found out that the original owner was a lawyer that had found the car in a barn. It was slightly restored in 2007 and driven little but hard. He had the car from 2007-2018 before relinquishing it to Claus with Vintage Box. 

Since then I had my 15" Fuchs fabricated to be wider, fitting 285 tires versus the original Turbo's 225s. I removed the original turbo whale-tail and had it replaced with a RS Bürzel wing. The entire interior was torn out, a roll cage was welded in, and I replaced all interior upholstery. The bucket seats have my favorite Pepita pattern on it, I've exposed the mechanical shifter, and of course, set the standard Momo steering wheel. Everything has been rebuilt from the fog lights, to the motor. Every nut and bolt. 

Why did you name your car Henry? 
It's simple, and really, just meaningful to me. My girlfriend's parents had a dog named Henry that I adored. I never had a dog growing up and experiencing a creature that's truly a loyal soul left an impact on my life. I named the car Henry to symbolize a friend that never leaves your side. 

Which Formawerx keypiece do you use for your Turbo? 
I use a Legends—911 key with Henry engraved into the center. This car means so much to me and represents so much of my journey both in my love for cars and the means in which to get there. It was important for me to lock that into my memory and have something to remind me when I'm not driving Henry.