How do I get my key duplicated? 

Ignition 911 and Defender is just like the OEM factory key. Just go to your local locksmith or automotive key duplicator and they can copy the key in 30 seconds. 


Can I send my key to you? 

Yes, select the option to have your key duplicated checking out. There will be an additional fee and follow the instructions to ship your key to us for duplication. 


Which exact models is Ignition 911 compatible with? 

All 911 models from 1970 to 1998, as well as all 912 & 914 models. 

Which exact models is Ignition Defender compatible with? 

Pre-transponder Defender 90, 110, and 130’s. You can confirm the part code: CWE500390, or cross check with an ILCO X157 key.


My Porsche is newer than 1998 but has the same key profile, will Ignition 911 work? 

No, all Porsche keys after 1998 have an electronic transponder that can only be duplicated at the dealership. 


My 911 key has been copied but does not work. 

If you have a 911 built between 1970 to 1998 or a 912, there is a minute possibility that you have a PO7 version of the key. It is the exact same key with a mirrored key head. Contact us immediately and we will remedy the issue. Additionally, considering the age of the vehicles, there is also a possibility that your car has an aftermarket ignition assembly inside. Please check your key against an ‘ilco PO5’ key blank to ensure you have an OEM ignition pattern. 


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, however there will be an additional shipping fee that will be processed! See Shipping & Returns


Will this key affect or damage my Porsche/defender in any way? 

No! Ignition is made from the exact same material as the OEM factory keys. 


What is Ignition made from? 

The keys are made from Stainless Steel 303 unless otherwise stated. This is the same material as the OEM factory keys. 


Will the key wear over time? 

Other than the silver option, the key will wear over a long period of time. We use a PVD coating (an extremely hard coating & the same process used on firearms) for the gold and black keys which will last long but may start to wear after years of use.