A concept vehicle design for the sports performance icon, Oakley.

The Oakley Frictionless Racer project served as a look into the potential future of race vehicles. A brand new race series, modeled after both F1 & Le Mans, served as a catalyst of creativity for the Formawerx team. Built around tangible & emerging technologies, the vehicle utilizes quantum levitation to float several inches off the surface of a purpose-built track. The racer uses methanol powered turbines to provide thrust & mini boosters in place of wheels for 'thrust-vector' steering. With the ability to defy gravity, and a proposed power plant from Lockheed Martin, the Oakley racer represents an exciting vision for the future. 

The Oakley Frictionless Racer was finished during Fall of 2015 and the timeline for this project was close to 14 weeks. The final design was developed in CAD and subsequently produced as a 1/3 scale model.